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Some clients at Pilates by Ness who have experienced the tape refer to it as “Magic Tape” because pain can disappear instantly!

The kinesiology tape, specifically RockTape, runs an “interference” on the pain receptors in your brain and when the receptors for pain are altered it no longer produces the sensation of “pain.” The tape is helping the body interpret pain in a lesser volume. It’s like a magic trick for your brain! When you aren’t experiencing pain, your body will be able to perform at a better level during your pilates practice. 

The tape can also help reduce swelling and inflammation by the “lifting” effect of the many layers under the skin therefore allowing the byproducts created by inflammation to remove themselves more quickly. 

Kinesiology tape can be applied in ways to help improve posture if, say for instance, you sit at a desk for 8 hours a day or if you're a massage therapist and find yourself constantly hovering over clients. It can even be applied to improve performance in your favorite activity! Want to improve your golf swing or throw a full 360 on your snowboard? Let our RockTape certified instructors get you taped up today!

For more information on RockTape watch this video!

The back of a shirtless muscular man with kinesiology tape on his shoulder and back.

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