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Pilates Semi-Private Class

Two students practicing pilates in a semi-private while pilates instructor cues movements

Perhaps the way you excel at your pilates class is when paired with your best friend or even your spouse! While there is no substitute for expert private pilates attention, the next best substitute is a Pilates Semi-Private Class.

At Pilates by Ness, you and a friend will be able to train together at a discounted rate, without sacrificing all of the benefits of a one-on-one session. This is the perfect pilates class if you and a friend are working on similar goals, live in the greater Denver area or have a similar training schedule. Semi-Private pilates training can bring out the best in you, keeping you on your toes and accountable to your commitments.

In our ‘Golden Triangle’ studio the very different but sophisticated pieces of equipment encourage length through the tissues, but also demand stability, focus and sustained effort. This is achieved through eccentric muscle contractions: the muscle lengthening as it resists force. For example: Is it easier to hold a gallon of water next to your body or with an outstretched arm? Next to your body of course! However, when you extend your arm with the jug of water, you are eccentrically strengthening your arm! This type of strengthening in Pilates is what creates the long, but strong muscles throughout the entire body. The combination of range of motion, strength & stretch brings about a holistic balance in the body.

two female students practice thigh stretch on the pilates cadillac in a semi private class
Two friends enjoying a Semi-Private class together

What to expect during your session...

Your Semi-Private Pilates sessions will be 55 minutes in length starting with a warmup, likely lying on your back and eventually working your way up to a functional standing position. When your body is taken out of gravity (lying down), you are able to put more focus into your movements and really feel where the movement is supposed to come from. As you progress through life you may find movements becoming more challenging. Something as simple as putting on your seatbelt can be a challenge or something more strenuous like shoveling your driveway can make you sore for days. Getting older is unfortunately unavoidable but introducing a regular pilates routine can help prevent injuries and keep you soaring through life at any age. Having your significant other or a friend next to you during your class is likely to bring out a laugh or two and you will forget you’re even exercising. A famous quote by Joseph Pilates reads, “If your spine is stiff at 30, you are old. If it is flexible at 60, you are young.” Start your private or Semi-Private Pilates practice now and you’ll quickly find this quote to show true for your own body!

You and your partner are guaranteed to feel a difference after just one class, that is the Pilates by Ness promise! You will find yourself standing a little taller, you will feel stronger and have an overall pep to your step. Imagine what you will feel like after 10 sessions! Your instructor may ask you to take some responsibility for practicing a few approachable Home Exercise Programs (HEP’s). These exercises will be your responsibility to practice at home throughout the week. Remember that as effective as private or Semi-Private sessions are, it is only one hour out of your week (depending on how often you schedule.) The more consistently you practice your exercises at home and your regular in studio classes, the quicker you will start to feel AND see results! Pilates may feel like it’s magical (in a lot of ways it is) but it does require some commitment from yourself outside of the studio. These home exercises aren’t meant to be daunting, they should start very simple and fun and as you progress the exercises will become more challenging and eventually you will have an entire at home routine to practice. This could be a great time to lean on your partner or significant other throughout the week to keep you motivated! Your Semi-Private Pilates Class awaits you!

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