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Pilates Classes

Pilates Private Class

Male pilates student performs pulling straps on pilates reformer while female instructor teaches him.

Have you ever been curious about pilates and its benefits but find yourself a little too intimidated to join a pilates class? Look no further than Denver’s Golden Triangle neighborhood to book your Pilates Private Class today!

If this is your first visit to our Denver studio, your Private Pilates Class will begin with a brief tour of the studio and explanation of the equipment for safety purposes. Next, your instructor will evaluate your personal goals and any injuries you may have. Before you come into your Private Class, think to yourself… “Is there anything in my daily routine or favorite activities that I cannot do, that I feel like I should be able to do?” Living in Denver there are a myriad of activities to choose from, whether you enjoy exercising in the Rocky Mountains, riding your bike to work, practicing yoga, or even running marathons. Pilates by Ness can help you stay safe and improve your skill level in every daily activity or hobby of your choosing. These activities and goals are important things to discuss with your instructor before you start your Private Pilates Class. This is one of the most important benefits of a private class versus a group class. The entire session is tailored to your body and specific needs. Once you have discussed any necessary information with your teacher and have been introduced to the equipment it is time to get to work at our new studio.

Typical Private Classes are 55 minutes in length. The exercises on the different apparatuses will focus on a full body workout with precise and controlled movements using the springs for assistance and resistance. There will likely be mat exercises included in the session as well, these are important because you will rely on your own strength and body awareness to create the movement.

An attractive female PIlates Instructor teaches a pretty brunette student how to do side sit up on the spine corrector
Instructor makes tactile corrections for student

What to expect during session...

Your one on one session will be a full body workout tailored to the specific needs of your body, injuries and goals. Classes typically start off with a warm up while lying down. As the class progresses you will focus on different muscle groups through exercises that have you lying supine, prone, sitting, weight bearing, standing and sometimes being in an inverted position.

Pay attention to the instruction and cues of your instructor. Their cues are important to make sure you are performing the exercise correctly, that your form is good and safe, and will help to make sure you are facilitating the movements with the correct amount of effort needed. Expect a lot of hands on instruction in your class. Most instructors like to help adjust and assist the body so you can reap the full benefits of the exercises on the equipment as well as focus on proper body alignment. This will help you become more aware in your everyday activities and will help prevent accidents and injuries. 

While classes are usually low impact and safe on the joints, you will still find it a challenging workout. Sometimes the smallest of moves can be the hardest. Also, as previously mentioned, you will likely sweat. You might not sweat like you would in a boot camp or HIT type of class, but you should find pilates a challenging workout that still makes you sweat. Remember all of the benefits that come with pilates and why you are practicing. At our studio you will be creating functional movement, by increasing flexibility, improving posture and balance. You will also see an increase in your overall muscle strength and find yourself making big steps towards your goals with every private session. Book your Private Pilates Class today!

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