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Here at Pilates by Ness we are dedicated to the physical goals and needs of each and every client. We promise to create a warm, welcoming, and safe environment for you to practice pilates in.

At our Denver pilates studio it is our promise to keep you moving in a safe and effective manner to help you create functional movement and to help you obtain your optimal physical fitness level.

In 10 sessions

You’ll feel the difference...

In 20 sessions

You’ll see the difference...

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You’ll have a whole new body!

Start living the life that you’ve always deserved.
Let Pilates by Ness help you get there!

Why Pilates?

It's science!! Pilates is proven to increase your total body mental health and wellness. It will help you decrease pain and increase your flexibility and strength!

Which type of Pilates class is for you?

Do you prefer practicing one on one with your instructor or do you find yourself more motivated when you have your best workout partner(s) by your side cheering you on?

Set yourself up for success!

Start by purchasing at least 2-3 private sessions while scheduling at least 1 per week. This way you can address any imbalances, injuries and become familiar with the equipment and your modifications.

Get Moving!

At Pilates by Ness we have your best interests at the top of our priority list. Trust our instructors to give you the best pilates experience in Denver every time you walk in the door!

Need a little extra motivation to try Pilates?

Read through our clients success stories in their testimonials.

Average rating of 4.75/5 on Trustpilot
a black male pilates student in a gray sweater

"I’ve worked with Vanessa on and off for over 5 years. When a new injury pops up she always know how to make it right. She is kind, knowledgeable and easy to talk to about about what ails you. My favorite thing about her is how she can explain why we are doing an exercise and how it will benefit me in the future."

Kelly Jackson | Pilates by Ness Client
a white male in a red shirt

"I have been working with Vanessa for over 3 years now. I started doing Pilates after ending up in the hospital with terrible back and knee problems. Vanessa has been able to get me back to where I am no longer in pain everyday and has improved how I feel overall. Working in construction is difficult on the body and I can now say that I am pain free thanks in large part to Vanessa!"

Ben Abbott | Pilates by Ness Client
a smiling white female with light brown hair

"Vanessa helped me so much through a difficult pregnancy. I have a neurological condition so it was important to keep moving as my body changed and our private sessions were invaluable in the 1st and second trimester. Thanks to Pilates, I was able to deliver my baby vaginally despite all these complications as I have a much greater awareness of my muscles and how to make them work effectively."

Nikki Harrison | Pilates by Ness Client
a pretty white blonde female in a baseball hat and sunglasses with a cute black dog

"I've been seeing Vanessa now for a couple years. After struggling with neck pain and lower back issues from car accidents, I finally found Pilates and one of the best instructors in Denver! Vanessa has helped me tremendously with my neck pain and alignment. She is expertly trained and always investing in further education and training to provide the best instructions for her clients. I highly recommend Vanessa and Pilates by Ness.!

Carrie Senderhauf | Pilates by Ness Client
a cute, smiling, white, blonde female with her hand on her neck

"I've been taking both group classes and private lessons from Vanessa for the last few years, and she is absolutely wonderful! I always leave our lessons feeling recharged. I have a past shoulder injury that can make working out a challenge, but she manages to make my shoulder feel better while also getting a full body workout. I have achieved a greater body awareness with Vanessa's help. I can't say enough good things about her!

Kelly Braunstein | Pilates by Ness Client
a cute dark haired female smiling with a red scarf around her neck

"Vanessa is the best! Being an ex-competitive dancer, I was always looking for a challenging work out that made my body feel good and strong. She keeps things interesting and fun and really takes the time to work through anything your body might be going through and I always leave feeling a thousand times better than I did before. I am so lucky to have found Vanessa and her Pilates expertise, and my body feels better than ever!

Elizabeth DeRose | Pilates by Ness Client

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