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Pilates Equipment

Start your pilates practice using top of the line Balanced Body Pilates Equipment

“Change happens through movement and movement heals.”
-Joseph Pilates

At Pilates by Ness we feel extremely confident in the equipment we use to keep all of our clients safe! It is no secret that it is the most recommended equipment by pilates professionals throughout the world. Look no further than our Denver pilates studio for an all inclusive workout using a combination of the reformer, tower, chair, and ladder barrel!

When Joseph Pilates originally taught his method of ‘contrology’ it was solely practiced on the mat and these exercises are still the foundation of the pilates that is taught today. With the advancement of his teachings, he and his wife created a number of different types of pilates equipment that is now used around the globe. Join Pilates by Ness in the Golden Triangle neighborhood to familiarize yourself with the variety of unique equipment. Although the equipment may look like something out of a torture chamber, we promise you will be loving it as much as we do in no time at all!

Pilates Reformer

One of the most commonly used pieces of equipment is the reformer. Over the years there have been many different variations of this traditional piece of equipment but the main components have stayed the same. It consists of ropes, pulleys and springs that all attach to one main moving piece, the carriage. The springs and the ropes can offer many different ways to help create assistance and resistance during your exercises. You will most definitely enjoy creating movement on this piece of equipment during your pilates class whether you're in a private, semi-private or circuit class.

Pilates Cadillac

We know what you’re thinking, and no this is not a type of pilates car but it has the same sense of sleekness about it. The cadillac closely resembles an elevated mat with a metal frame that looks like a canopy. With the cadillac you will find yourself practicing a number of exercises that are similar to mat work with a twist. It is a very friendly apparatus to any level of mover but especially those who have just begun their practice.

Pilates Chair

One of our personal favorites at Pilates by Ness is the chair. This piece of pilates equipment consists of a small platform used for sitting, standing, lying on, and kneeling, two metal handles and a pedal with two different weights of springs attached. The chair is mostly categorized as a more intermediate to advanced and it can also be used in conjunction with the tower or cadillac to create a larger surface area and will make this more friendly to a beginner client. Imagine exercises like lunges and handstands and tricep dips on this very versatile machine.

Spine Corrector

Don’t let the name of this apparatus make you weary, the result from using this foam arc is anything but scary! The spine corrector can be used on its own on the mat or in combination with the reformer or tower. It is appropriate for all levels of movers and will add extra elements of strength, coordination and balance to your practice.


You will most likely become very acquainted with the OOV during your sessions. This is one of our most “humbling” tools that we use. It is designed to contour to the shape of the body whether laying on your back, your sides, your stomach and in standing! At Pilates by Ness we call it the “truth tool” because it’s impossible to cheat while using the OOV! You will move almost in slow motion while you strengthen your deep core muscles while eccentrically lengthening them. This is incredibly important for injury prevention in everyday activities.

Foam Roller

The foam roller is an extremely versatile tool we use often during class. It can be used to provide myofascial release (think deep tissue massage), it can provide support in modifying an exercise or it can progress an exercise to make it more challenging! You will have a love-hate relationship with the foam roller, it hurts so good!


The jumpboard is a prop that is attached to the end of the reformer that basically makes it a trampoline! Think about how hard it is to jump up and down from an upright position, then think about jumping while lying down...which way sounds more fun? Lying down of course! The jumpboard is definitely one of our favorites at Pilates by Ness because it adds an element of cardiovascular activity to your sessions. It stays true to the pilates method by maintaining a low impact aspect by taking you out of gravity and laying you down where you are able to adjust the spring tension that is appropriate for your body!

Pilates Ring

The pilates ring comes with many names. Most of our clients refer to it as the ring of FIRE! It adds that special little burn to your muscles as you practice different exercises. It can be used on any of the different apparatuses and will likely increase the challenge of the movement you are practicing.

There are a number of props not listed here that you will use throughout your repertoire at our studio but we find the equipment listed above as the most used and the most notable. Try not to let the machines intimidate you, some of them may look like ancient torture devices but in reality it was created to assist you into making movements easier and more effective. It is our job and our promise as certified instructors to make you feel comfortable and safe while using all of the different apparatuses. You will quickly find your favorites and be able to start a beautiful relationship with all of them.

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