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Pilates For Men

A female pilates instructor teaches her male client Hamstring 3 on the pilates chair

There are many common misconceptions in the Pilates industry and one of the biggest is that Pilates is only for women. At Pilates by Ness, we couldn’t disagree more! Most importantly, Pilates was created by a man! Joseph Pilates himself, was the manliest of men, oftentimes exercising and teaching in his underwear! He studied different movement modalities for years and even rehabilitated his own body back to health with his original practice of ‘Contrology.’ That being said, Pilates for Men is one of the most underrated Pilates Methods out there.

Currently, at our studio located in the heart of Denver, we are teaching a majority of male clients! The only unfortunate fact is that most of them had to endure an injury to become familiar with Pilates. The male population injures themselves at an alarmingly higher rate than women. This is mainly due to the activities and behavior that they engage in, especially from a young age, exposing them to a higher risk of injury. In general, men are about 2.5 times more likely than women to injure themselves throughout their lives. However, we don’t think they should necessarily be punished for engaging in this risky behavior. Boys will be boys right?? Pilates for Men can be an incredibly beneficial Pilates Method to help decrease these statistics.

Pilates student sits on box on reformer while female pilates instructor sets up equipment.
Vanessa is getting her client set up for success!

Is this Pilates Method right for me...

At Pilates by Ness we can’t stress enough that Pilates is for everyBODY! In general, men struggle with flexibility, posture, and the overuse of muscles which can all lead to injury. Pilates for Men can help improve upon all of these issues and help them excel in any activity of their choosing. Pilates can help improve upon neglected muscle groups and can also help men live more consciously.  

In general, men are overall tighter than women. This is normally due to a lack of suppleness and a lack of stretching. Most active men enjoy the “burn” when it comes to exercising which oftentimes leaves out the importance of stretching and lengthening the body. The hamstrings are often one of the most neglected areas and the majority of the population sits for a living which only worsens this problem. Tightness throughout the hamstrings can lead to other issues as well in men, the hamstrings are connected to the pelvis which is connected to the lower spine...when a lack of hamstring length is present it can lead to low back pain. With the use of the different Pilates apparatuses, hamstring length can be greatly improved upon in men. 

The increase in flexibility is not only limited to the hamstrings but can also include more range of motion in the shoulders and the spine as well. One of our favorite quotes from Joseph Pilates reads, “You’re only as old as your spine is flexible.” With a consistent practice of Pilates for Men, you will find yourself excelling at the other activities that you love.

With flexibility comes improvements in posture. Many men find themselves seated at a desk staring at a computer for most of the day, this repetitive daily routine can do a number on their posture. If your posture is misaligned on a consistent basis, you will create poor movement patterns and potentially injure yourself. This is another movement benefit created by practicing Pilates for Men and when coupled with the other activities you enjoy you will find major improvements. 

At Pilates by Ness we like to refer to our movement practice as a beautiful mixer in a cocktail. It won’t ever replace anything you already enjoy but it will enhance it! If you have never practiced Pilates before, we recommend you schedule a private session to familiarize yourself with the Pilates Equipment and terminology that comes along with it. Pilates for Men is an important method to address but men do not have to exclusively practice with men. We are simply addressing a few of the movement benefits that men can apply specifically to their bodies.

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