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Pilates Classes

Pilates Group Class

Two young, athletic women and one man all performing acrobatic pilates exercises on the same trapeze table.

Are you still feeling a little weary about joining a large group class? We hear you and have created a safe environment for you to practice in! To say the last few years have been a challenge for the fitness industry would be the understatement of the century.  At our ‘Golden Triangle’ studio your small Group Pilates Classes will never consist of more than 3 people! We are dedicated to the safety of our students not only with our movement practices but also with the COVID-compliant practice of sanitation inside our beautiful Denver studio.

Why a Group Class?

At Pilates by Ness, your pilates class will be more cost friendly than a semi-private or private class. It’s the next best thing to the individualized attention you would get in a one on one setting but without the hefty price tag. The structure of a small Pilates Group Class will be very similar to that of a private or semi-private session but you share it with two other people.

At our studio we ask that you are respectful and accepting of one another. We are offering an array of different Group Classes, each offering different focuses and skill levels. Pilates should arguably have a place in every single person's routine and we are focused on promoting that here. We welcome every-BODY in this studio NO MATTER what you 'look like.' Contrary to what social media tells you, you do NOT have to have a certain body type nor specific fitness level to be able to practice Pilates. You will leave class feeling stronger, longer, more balanced and ideally less stressed than when you walked through the door. We guarantee it! However, you might be a little sore for the next one or two days. The good kind of sore!

Are you new to the Denver area and not sure how to safely socialise yourself? Group Classes are an exciting and safe way for you to practice pilates AND meet people in the area with similar interests!

3 Fit pilates student practice pilates in a circuit class on pilates chair, reformer, and tower.
A circuit class in action

What to expect during session...

With only 3 people in the class, your instructor will still be able to give many hands on cues which will help the efficiency of your movement and improve your results. It is recommended that you have previous experience (but not required) before you try the Group Classes. It will be helpful that you have some knowledge of the equipment and its safety and how to modify your own spring tension to fit your skill level. This will help maximize time for you and your partners during your 55-minute session. If you need an introduction to the equipment and safety, it is recommended that you begin with the introductory package of three private sessions! 

At the studio we will offer two different types of Pilates Group Classes. One of which will consist of exercises on the Pilates Reformer, Trapeze Tower and include variations of mat work. The mat work will be unique and creative with the use of props such as the foam roller, the pilates ring, resistance bands and a number of pilates balls. Expect some hard work from these workouts as they will challenge your upper and lower body strength, alignment, balance, and weight-bearing. Think of how important all of these things are to your everyday activities and hobbies! 

The second type of class will act like a circuit class. Unlike the other Group Classes where you only utilize that tower apparatus and the mat within the class, this class is designed like a circuit where you can utilize the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, and Jumpboard all in this 55-minute class. This type of circuit is guaranteed to get your heart rate up and make you sweat!

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