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Pilates Classes

Polestar Certified, Professional Pilates Classes in Downtown Denver

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”
-Joseph Pilates

Physical fitness is so much deeper than the term might suggest. It is not what you “look like” on the outside but rather, what you “feel like” on the inside. It is something that is achieved by proper nutrition, exercise, and last but not least, rest. At Pilates by Ness we promise to keep your goals and physical fitness as our top priority. You should be able to perform the physical activities of your choosing at any age! Are you dying to hike one of Colorado’s scenic fourteeners or would you prefer to hop on one of Denver’s electric scooters and explore our Golden Triangle neighborhood? No matter what your interests or desires may be, the pilates classes at Pilates by Ness offer a chance to help you work towards any goal!

Private Pilates Classes

The type of class that we feel most passionate about are the private one on one sessions. You’re in for 55 minutes of exactly what you need, an entire session tailored specifically for you to meet your personal goals. Private classes will help you increase your mind-body awareness, improve your balance and stabilization, improve your posture and increase your overall strength! What more could you need when living in a state like Colorado that offers so much? By using a combination of top of the line equipment and expert instruction, you are guaranteed to feel better after your first visit. 

Semi-Private Pilates Classes

Grab your favorite workout partner for these incredibly fun semi-private classes! Whether it’s your best friend or spouse, you both will enjoy keeping each other motivated throughout class! You can trust that the instructors at Pilates by Ness will have your safety and goals at the top of their priority list. You and your partner will enjoy a 55 minute semi-private with a combination of exercises on our reformer, tower, mat and spine corrector! Whether you’re interested in a low impact, feel good class or a high impact, strength training class that makes you sweat...we’ve got your back at our unique Denver studio!

Group Pilates Classes

Our most affordable type of classes are our small group classes! With our class sizes NEVER having more than 3 people you can rest assured that you will still get the attention that you need. Choose from two different styles of our trio classes, a tower and mat combination class or a more advanced circuit class. The circuit class will require previous experience with pilates so be sure to check out another one of our private or semi-private pilates class options for beginners!

Virtual Pilates Classes

Let’s face it, 2020 didn’t bring a lot of good but one of the few good things is the advancement in virtual meetings! Pilates virtual classes are here to stay, thanks Zoom! If you’re feeling safer at home or it’s just easier to commit to a class without having to navigate the streets of downtown Denver then these classes were made for you. With a variety of virtual classes offered per week you’re bound to find a few that fit into your busy schedule. Don’t see a time that fits your schedule or a class type that fits your style? Send Pilates by Ness an email with your preferences and we will do our best to accommodate you! Virtual sessions as private or semi-private sessions are also available at a discounted rate. 

We understand that every student who walks in our doors has a different way of learning and it is important for us to convey a message of inclusivity here at our studio. Pilates is for every BODY, no matter what. What we care about most is that you enjoy your time in the studio and you feel better every time you walk out of the studio! Please don’t hesitate to inquire with any questions or concerns you may have and let’s get you on track to start your practice today!  

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