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Meet Vanessa

Red Headed pilates instructor teaching attractive male on rolldowns on the pilates tower.

Vanessa Ursini-Kinsey started the Polestar® Pilates educational series in 2013 and has been loving teaching ever since. In 2018 she decided it was time to open her own studio and Pilates by Ness was born!

After graduating from Metropolitan State College of Denver with a bachelor’s degree in business, Vanessa felt as if she still hadn’t discovered her real passion in life. In the summer of 2012 Vanessa took her first Pilates class in downtown Denver. With no previous experience she truly had no idea what to expect. 

All it took was that one class to know she had found something really special. She was taking classes almost 6 times a week and noticing major changes to her mind, body and overall health. Pilates also helped her improve her performance during her hiking excursions. She was not only hiking further but she was moving much faster. She soon noticed her back wasn’t aching after long shifts on her feet at the restaurant, and slowly but surely was noticing more and more muscle tone all over her body. It not only felt amazing but she was actually seeing a difference for the first time...in a long time. It wasn’t long after this love affair started that she knew she was destined to teach The Pilates Method. By the summer of 2014, Vanessa graduated from the Polestar® Pilates Comprehensive Training Program and plans on continuing to teach for years to come. The potential for learning in the pilates industry is infinite. Vanessa loves to find opportunities to continue her education. “With the world constantly evolving with research and studies of the human body, one can never stop learning in this industry,” she says. With a passion to share her knowledge with others, she has since become a Mentor for the Polestar Comprehensive in Denver and is always so inspired by the next generation of students. She specializes in various forms of rehabilitation from your common low back pain to hip and knee replacements and everything in between. Vanessa has also taken a number of pre and post natal continuing education courses to help safely guide women throughout and after their pregnancies. Although her passion may lie in rehabilitative pilates teaching, she very much loves any client who walks through the door. She is simply happy creating a fun, safe movement based experience for her clients. When they feel the difference, she does too. When she’s not teaching Vanessa is usually adventuring with her partner in crime, Billie, whether they’re backpacking, snowboarding, or traveling the globe they love spending their days off together wherever it might take them.

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