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New Client Discount

Thank you for your interest in Pilates by Ness!

  • We are happy to offer a one time discount to first time clients only, including 3 private sessions for $175 by using the checkout links below.
  • Only ONE package may be purchased per client.
  • To purchase your new package please provide your email and payment information below through PayPal’s secure payment system.
  • We will be in touch shortly afterwards to schedule your first session! We are so happy to be part of this new community and we look forward to helping you improve your overall health!
  • All packages purchased are non-refundable and have a 4-month expiration date from time of purchase.
Are you new to Pilates? Are you experiencing pain? Or maybe you just need a refresh after a couple of years without practice? Then our New Client, 3 Private Session Offer is just the thing for you! Talk to your practitioner about your physical wants and needs and receive expert, one-on-one cueing and instruction for an entire 55 minutes. Each session will be unique and always tailored specifically to your goals. We are excited to have you start your Pilates practice with us at Pilates by Ness!

Private Session-

A red headed pilates instructor teaches attractive male student rolldowns on the pilates cadillac.
This is a 55 minute private session with Vanessa. The benefit of one on one sessions is that the entire session is dedicated and tailored to your specific needs. It also offers open communication between you and your instructor to create a sense of trust and relaxation which helps the body move in a non-guarded and functional way.

New Client Special:

  • 3 x Session $222   w/ Discount $175

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