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Polestar Education

Their mission is to shape world health by making whole body fitness available to everyone, with science-based techniques, intelligent movement and the uniform development of muscles, resulting in complete mastery of body and mind.

Why Polestar?

There were many reasons as to why Vanessa chose Polestar for her comprehensive training program but the reason that stuck out the most was their emphasis on rehabilitation and functional movements. Driven by its science and evidence-based curriculum, professional leadership and a variety of specialties, Polestar applies Pilates exercises in helping people either restore, achieve or excel in physical movement. 

Polestar Pilates can help relieve back pain, muscle pain, neck pain, shoulder impingement and other conditions impending physical fitness. Polestar offers not only a road to recovery, but a way of wellness that can only be realized once pain is stabilized and alleviated.

Polestar Pilates can also aid in the treatment of post-surgical conditions, for those recovering from knee, hip, back or other surgeries. A Polestar practitioner can help to increase range of motion and rid them of habits of guarding and the overuse of muscles to restore healthy movement patterns. Recovering from surgery can be very daunting and some days leave you feeling defeated but we are here to help! Be kind and patient with your bodies, they’re the only one you’ve got!

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